About Me

I’m Ariana Celine an easy going college student and effortless rambler.

With aspirations to become a well renowned lifestyle journalist as well as a successful news reporter.

Ever since I can remember I have always had a love for writing, film, and photography. I anchored my first news show by the age of 12 as a bracefaced sixth grader has lead me to currently report for my college television network.

If I am not on or off campus reporting one could most likely find me heading to the gym or rushing across campus with a tall vanilla latte in hand and a grande smile to match!

Since before I was even old enough to attend elementary school I have always been very determined and never give up on my goals! If there is something I want in life I always put my best foot forward and give it my all! Not only am I sort of a perfectionist but I am a risk taker and a free spirit who is always yearning to learn more.

I like to think of my writings as not only some insight into who I am but also a way of helping you (my readers) through your own journey through life.  My blog is like an open (electronic) book, here I speak on topics ranging from recipes, fitness to love and wellness. All very… Candidly.



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